Siam City Law Offices Limited and Kusumoto Chavalit & Partners Limited held a joint exclusive seminar revolving around the issues of Employment, Termination of Employment and M&A in Thailand.

June 9th 2017

The target audience for this seminar was geared primarily towards existing and potential Japanese corporations based in Thailand.

The purpose of this seminar was to provide awareness of several important rules relating to employment and termination of employment, as well as M&A matters in Thailand. Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in the presence of Japanese companies in Thailand. There are many legal issues which the employers should know about with regard to employment and termination thereof. As far as M&A are concerned, one will have to take into consideration the business overall, as well as various financial and legal aspects.

As foreign companies which conduct businesses in Thailand, the Japanese participants received a comprehensive overview of some of the unique legal issues surrounding employment and termination of employment, as well as on M&A in Thailand.

Our partner Tada Sastarasatit and Takashi Kusumoto were the lead presenters while our Japanese Consultant Noriyuki Kumei acted as our Japanese interpreter in this exclusive seminar.

This exclusive seminar was attended by over 70 participants and we received positive feedback from the participants.