Conferences – Corporate Fraud Controls & Detection Corruption Conference

December 20th 2017

Partner, Vira Kammee was a key note speaker at this conference held in Bangkok. Khun Vira’s presentation revolved around the subject of conducting and effective & Comprehensive fraud investigation.

In the current business climate, this is a very interesting subject and one that Khun Vira has been invited to present on several different occasions, leading him to be regarded as one of the leading authorities on the subject. This is excellent recognition and enhances further the reputation of our partner Khun Vira Kammee.

Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme

Partner, Pavinee Bunyamissara was invited to present a paper on “Trademark Prosecution Updates in Thailand” in this event.  These updates were very well received and beneficial to the very international based delegates.

Consultant, Rajen Ramiah presented a paper on “Trademark Enforcement and Protection System in Thailand”, which is a very interesting subject and one that has been frequently talked about in many IP related platforms.  Rajen was also in a panel discussion at this event, entitled “Intellectual Property and its benefits to your brand: Cost vs. Benefits”. The discussion circulated around analyzing the costs involved in protecting brands and its research, as well as evaluating the pros and cons thereof.