CLG Cycling Club annual trip
31 October 2015, Dheva Mantra Hotel KanchanaburiKanchanaburi

SCL Law Group has a cycling club comprising of ardent cyclists.


During the recent annual company outing, the cycling club had its own agenda. This year, in Kanchanaburi, the cycling club went on several excursions through interesting scenic routes.


They began the outing with a first test run from Thawornwararam Temple, crossing the railway bridge and back to the restaurant for lunch to join the rest of the company staff.  This first trip was 3.82 km; the lunch was just what they needed after that.

With renewed energy after their lunch, the cycling club members went on their second, slightly longer, test run from the restaurant across the railway bridge to the hotel; a distance of 5.67 km, in preparation for the longer ride to come.


The trip commenced from the hotel, first crossing the railway bridge, and then continuing on to Khao Poon Cave temple, stopping at a restaurant for dinner – before heading back across the bridge to the hotel. The route was an impressive 28.14 km.

Bike route Google map link


Saturday: morning ride with senior partner from the hotel, across a bridge and back to the hotel by crossing another bridge.

Sunday: rode inside the hotel garden and also from the hotel to the bridge and back to the hotel.

This was an excellent way to relax with work colleagues and partners doing what they like doing at their leisure – cycling. The cycling club is known for its adventurous spirit and has a good reputation. They are a bunch of fun loving people and this was an excellent company outing for them.






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