SCL Law Group Outing 2015
30 October - 1 November 2015, Dheva Mantra Hotel KanchanaburiKanchanaburi

SCL Law Group had its annual company outing at the weekend. This time our trip was to Kanchanaburi. We stayed in a luxurious hotel for two nights. The 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2015 has been extremely busy for most of us and a few days away from the city enjoying time with our work colleagues and some family members was just what we all needed. Our colleagues from our Hua Hin office joined us as well.


On Friday, 30 October we embarked upon our journey to Kanchanaburi; it was only a few hours travel and everyone was excited and looking forward to checking into the hotel. We stopped for lunch on our way to the hotel, which was delicious. The hotel was lovely and one of the best in the region – just like SCL Law Group. Once we had checked into the hotel, the staff and partners headed off for river rafting trips. It was absolutely wonderful to just sit back and enjoy the amazing scenery, the lush greenery and soak in the atmosphere. It was a great way to just chill out with friends and not have to think of deadlines and drafting legal advice; instead we enjoyed great food and company. Everybody enjoyed the evening very much in the great outdoors. Thankfully the weather was very pleasant!


Upon return to the hotel, we were treated to a lavish supper and the all-time favorite pastime here, Karaoke, which went on until the early hours of the morning. An excellent start of the weekend!


On Saturday, 31 October we held our annual staff seminar. It was an excellent opportunity for staff to interact with the partners with regard to various issues that arise during the course of our work duties. It was also an excellent way for the attendees,  comprising of  partners, associates, lawyers and support staff to discuss and give them opinions and solutions to issues that were raised. Staff took the opportunity to voice their concerns on various aspects and this was very well received by the partners. This was also an opportunity to update staff on recent developments. We often miss out on things that happen in the office due to our busy and hectic workloads – this was a good way to catch up with things. The partners were all there to answer questions and offer their advice on numerous things. This was much welcomed by the staff.


To further enhance our group, a team building activity was organised at a popular adventure park in Kanchanaburi. So, after lunch, even though full, everyone was still hungry for adventure. Again, this was a great way to mingle with friends and strengthen our bonds as colleagues. The partners joined in this event, which showed their commitment to create a good team in the workplace. The partners got involved and got wet in the team building activities with the staff, and everybody just had a great time.


However, the fun was just beginning - even with all the adventure at the park and our tired aching muscles. Everyone got back to the hotel looking forward to the annual staff party and of course, being the Halloween weekend, something scary was expected, and there was certainly no disappointment with that. Who said lawyers are not creative? There was an excellent array of costumes and make up on display, and screams could be heard from all directions. Several prizes were up for grabs and as so many people had put so much effort into their costumes and makeup, it was rather difficult for the judges to select winners.  The music and dancing went on past midnight.


Overall, the Company outing was a huge success in that we got to mingle with colleagues in and out of a business environment. We also got to mingle with the partners in a less formal environment and this was a great opportunity to understand each other, and to help each other in our daily working environment. The team building was a great way to help us encourage and motivate each other in our duties at work.


We are a team – we work hard and we play hard; it was an excellent weekend with SCL Law Group!


On Monday everybody was back at work with renewed energy and motivation and, despite a busy start of the week, had smiles on their faces of the fond memories of the recent company outing. Really looking forward to the next occasion to take off our jackets and relax with colleagues!!






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