Patent E-filing is now available

In Thailand, a patent/utility model application - including any other request/petition - must be physically filed with the Patent Office or the Provincial Commercial Affairs Office. Although the Notification of the Department of Intellectual Property, prescribing the e-filing of patent or utility model applications, has been issued since 30 December B.E. 2553; however, the e-filing system has yet to be practically been implemented.


The Department of Intellectual Property (“DIP”) has recently launched the E-filing of patent/utility model applications. Under the Notification of the e-filing of patent/utility model applications, which became effective on 22 June 2015; for a patent/utility model application which has been successfully submitted through the e-filing system, an application number and a filing date will be given to the applicant/patent agent. A payment of the official fee can be made at Krung Thai Bank or the DIP/the Provincial Commercial Office within the following day, by no later than 12:00 pm or 3:30 pm, respectively. Failure to pay the official fee within the prescribed time limit will cause the patent/utility model application to lapse.


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