Labour Law, Employment Contract Drafting & Employee Taxation Masterclass 2016


This course will be conducted in Thai
Landmark Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand: 16-17 February 2016

We have been invited by Asia Business Connect Co., Ltd. to conduct a two-day seminar on the above subject. This training course is for those who wish to gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Thailand Labour laws and regulations, as well as the critical legal & taxation issues concerning the current employer-employee relationship. There will be insightful and in depth discussions on key labour, employment and taxation related issues. There will also be discussions on various types of employment contracts, as well as familiarising oneself with the different salary/wages/benefits when employing and terminating employees. Further to this, participants will also learn how to enforce the restrictive covenant clauses and how to increase the possibilities of their enforcement; especially after an employment relationship has been terminated.


Participants will also be informed of processes and potential effects when an entity changes the conditions of the employment of employees with or without their consent and when  it relocates its place of business, and/or terminates the employment of employees; including the key factors to avoid problems arising from these issues. The transfer of employment during company reorganisation and transition, as well as how to legally deal with expatriates working in Thailand, are also covered in this course.


This will be a very interesting topic and we are very proud to have our Partner, Khun Tada Sastarasatit, and one of our associate, Khun Chanakarn Boonyasith, as the course leaders on the first day; and on the second day, the course will be led by our Partner Khun Chinapat Visuttipat.


Participants of this course will get a good grasp of the labour court proceedings, dispute resolution, litigation, how to avoid labor disputes and litigation (as they are time consuming and costly), as well key employee taxation issues.






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